Own your brilliance.

Because you ought to live your wildest dreams & enjoy all the happiness, ease, abundance & love you are so worthy of! 



This program will empower you to step into your brilliance, manifest the life you envision for yourself & help you release any limiting beliefs & blocks that have kept you stuck. 


It's time you set your thermostat to feeling amazing.  

It's a lifestyle. A way of life. 

A 3-month coaching program 

designed to help you own your self-worth, level up to the highest version of yourself & make your dreams a reality. Plus! Together we will create your FYA- Feel Your Amazing recipe.



12 X Powerful 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

9 X Transformative Coaching Modules

An AmazingYOU Digital Workbook


Once you are enrolled in the program you will have access to the AmazingYOU program. You can dive into the AmazingYOU modules, visualizations & the AmazingYOU workbook.

12 X Powerful 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls​​​

These are 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching calls where we will use the powerful techniques of Life & Success Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, T.I.M.E & Emotional Freedom Techniques to transform your self-confidence, release your limiting beliefs, up-level your mindset and remove any blocks that are keeping you stuck.


Below is a roadmap of what we will be focusing on each week. We can adapt our pace & focus each week if needed.​​​

  • Week 1- Big Vision, Big Dream, Big Why

  • Week 2- Designing & Adapting New Identities + Mindsets

  • Week 3- Your Self-Care Blueprint

  • Week 4- Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Week 5- Releasing Limiting Beliefs

  • Week 6- Releasing Negative Emotions, ie. Fear

  • Week 7- Empowering Beliefs

  • Week 8- Letting go of Resistance

  • Week 9 - Transforming Habits & Self-sabotaging behaviour

  • Week 10- Aligning your Energy + Cultivating High Vibe

  • Week 11- Your Future Self Hypnosis

  • Free- Flow

9 X Transformative Coaching Modules


There are nine transformational coaching modules to complement the Coaching Calls. 

The AmazingYOU  Workbook of journal prompts, assignments & AmazingYOU tasks

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 3.11.34 PM.png

This is a fun + exciting workbook offering you journal prompts, mindset challenges, assignments and AmazingYOU tasks that you can work through at your own pace or as we move through each weekly concept.

Transformative Visualizations


These visualizations are powerful, imaginative meditations that work deeply with your subconscious and imagination to help you gain clarity & manifest your dreams. 


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By the end of this program, you will have: 

a new relationship with yourself.

newfound confidence to tackle your biggest dreams and feel your best.

a transformed mindset and identity aligned to that of your highest self.

embody self-love, have a self-care and 'feel your amazing recipe' that is specific and customized for you so that you can sustain your stamina and feel your best as you accomplish your goals. 

released your biggest blocks and limiting beliefs.

cultivated true lasting confidence and develop your self-worth so you can attract the love, happiness, success & prosperity you know you deserve.  


How it works in 3 Steps 

1. Book a free discovery call.

2. Enroll.

3. Begin the inner journey of a lifetime.

  • You will have immediate access to the Amazing YOU program & can dive straight into the modules, visualizations and AmazingYOU workbook.

  • We will schedule your first coaching session.


My coaching style is a combination of Life & Success Coaching & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a style of coaching that Tony Robbin uses), Emotional Freedom Techniques, T.I.M.E and Hypnosis which work deeply with your subconscious mind and inner programming to rewire your thought-patterns, habits and release limiting beliefs. Once released, we will replace them with beliefs, thoughts and habits that empower your highest self allowing you to truly level up, transform and create a new reality for yourself. 

I empower my clients with powerful concepts, reframes, action plans and mindset shifts. I am a proud graduate of the Yes Supply Coaching School, a program that truly transformed me and my life! I create a safe sacred space for my clients to truly release and transform.



Klassh x Sarah 2020-25asasda.jpg

This service is for women that see the doorway calling them to level up, go boldly towards their dreams and purpose. She is goal-driven and wants to accelerate her dreams and feeling her best.


She is ready to cross the bridge into her highest self, the life she's always wanted and to set her thermostat to feel amazing! 


She is frustrated and done with suppressing her truest, most brilliant self for the approval of others. 


Q. Do I have to listen to every coaching module & do every visualization before the coaching call?

A. Heck no! These are purely for your enjoyment & transformation. They are designed to complement each coaching call & introduce you to the concepts we will cover each week. 

Q. What if I don't finish going through all the material before the end of the 12 weeks?

A. That is totally okay! You will have access to the modules, visualizations and workbook for life! You can revisit them as many times as you like in the future! In fact, I recommend you do as you continue to achieve and create new dreams for yourself! 

Q. I don't feel like I have a 'big dream or vision' for myself, I just want to feel more confident and good in my life, can I still take your program?

A. Absolutely! In fact, I designed the course with you in mind too. Because the truth is, some feel they are already living the life of their dreams but maybe, their negative self-talk is getting them down & they know they are capable of feeling happier & more confident in their life. 'AmazingYOU' is for the woman who is ready to level-up her confidence and enjoy life to the fullest.


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"I loved working with Sarah. She made me feel comfortable straight away. Our session was so powerful, I came in feeling overwhelmed and left feeling clearer and more decisive. Sarah really helped to guide me through an NLP exercise and was so patient with me when I initially struggled to imagine how it would feel not to be overwhelmed! Since the session I have found myself making decisions more quickly and managing my time better, which has improved my mood and allowed me to spend more time with my family. Thankyou Sarah <3" 

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