An empowering course in confidence, self-love & releasing limiting beliefs so you can rewrite your story & become your highest self.


Miss Independent is a self-study program with a combination of video modules, visualizations & a workbook of journal prompts designed to: 

  • Help you gain clarity on your big vision & dream.

  • Help you identify what is holding you back from making that big dream a reality.

  • Transform your confidence so you take action and build your momentum forward.

  • Explore limiting beliefs, habits, inner programming that keeps you stuck.

  • Guide you through creating a self-care recipe that meets your needs, supports your highest self & allows you to feel your best.

  • Help you set boundaries and break the cycle of pleasing others and searching for outside validation and approval

  • Help you create, align and visualize your future self.

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There is a transformational coaching video for every week's topic.

12 X Transformative Coaching Videos


Once you are enrolled in the program you will have access to an AmazingYOU app. This app will be home to the AmazingYOU videos, visualizations, the AmazingYOU workbook + your BONUSES.


Transformative Visualisations

These visualizations are powerful, imaginative meditations that work deeply with your subconscious and imagination to help you gain clarity & manifest your dreams. 

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The AmazingYOU  Workbook of journal prompts, assignments & AmazingYOU Tasks

Big Vision, Big Dream, Big Why

Designing & Adapting New Identities + Mindsets

Your Self-Care Blueprint


Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs


Releasing Limiting Beliefs


Releasing Negative Emotions, ie. Fear


Letting go of Resistance


Transforming Habits & Self-sabotaging behaviour


Aligning your Energy + Cultivating High Vibe


Your Future Self


This is a fun + exciting workbook offering you journal prompts, mindset challenges, assignments and AmazingYOU Tasks that you can work through at your own pace or as we move through each weekly concept.



Program Cost
$ 999
Note: Prices are expected to go up.  
Program Value



By the end of this program, you will have: 

a new relationship with yourself.

newfound confidence to tackle your biggest dreams and feel your best.

transformed your mindset and identity to that of your highest self.

embody self-love, have a self-care and 'feel your amazing recipe' that is specific and customized for you so that you can sustain the stamina and feel your best as you accomplish your goals. 

have released your biggest blocks and limiting beliefs.

cultivated true lasting confidence and develop your self-worth so you can attract the love, happiness, success & prosperity you know you deserve.  


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This service is for women that see the doorway calling them to level up, go boldly towards their dreams and purpose.


She is ready to walk through that doorway. She sees a vision for herself and her life that excites her beyond measure. She just needs some guidance getting out of the cycle of self-doubt, people-pleasing, fear, negative thinking & dimming down her light...


 She is ready to cross the bridge into her highest self, the life she's always wanted and to set their internal thermostat to feeling amazing! 


She is exhausted, frustrated and done with suppressing her truest, most brilliant self for the approval of others. 


Q. Do I have a limited time to complete this program?

A. Heck no! This purely a self-study program allowing you to complete the program at your own pace. You will have access to the videos, visualization and workbook for life! You can revisit them as many times as you like in the future! In fact, I recommend you do as you continue to achieve and create new dreams for yourself! 

Q. What if I decide that I need more support? Can I add a coaching call with you? 

A. Absolutely! If at any point, you need some guidance moving forward, you can enroll in a 1:1 90 minute coaching call A La Carte at a discounted price. 

Learn more about  Coaching Calls A La Carte here: 

Q. I don't feel like I have a 'big dream or vision' for myself, I just want to feel more confident and good in my life, can I still take your program?

A. Absolutely! In fact, I designed the course with you in mind too. Because the truth is, some feel they are already living the life of their dreams but maybe, their negative self-talk is getting them down. They know they are capable of feeling happier & more confident in their life. This program is for the woman who is ready to level-up her confidence and enjoy her life to the fullest. 


Develop your confidence, make your dreams a reality & feel your best as you do.