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I help female entrepreneurs release fear and limiting beliefs so that they can embody their highest confidence, ease and go to their next-level. 


Hi ,

I'm Sarah,


Certified Life Coach + Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner here to help guide you through a transformation that will shed layers of:

  • limiting beliefs

  • self-doubt

  • people-pleasing behaviours

  • suppressing your true brilliance

  • negative thinking that leads to paralysis in the face of taking action.


So that you can level up your mindset, show up fully & magnetically for your dreams & business & create the abundance, success & ease that you know you are capable of.

Because life is too short

to not reach your fullest potential.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You limit how BIG you dream for yourself... you play it safe, because you're scared to dream BIG.

You know what you need or want to do to move forward but for some reason you're just not doing it.

You feel at times like an imposter & this holds you back from taking that next step...

You get caught in self-doubt, self-sabotage, perfectionism & overthinking at times.

You start something but you don't fully finish it or follow through.

You undercharge, over-deliver & over-care for everyone else, clients & loved ones included... sometimes on the verge of burnout if things don't change.

You worry what other people will think if you show up more fully or make a pivot. 


You wonder if will you ever make money doing what you really want to do.

You worry your dream life or taking your business to the next level will be 'too hard'.

You know your mindset is the biggest thing holding you back from going to that next-level...

Imagine if you could show up for your biggest dreams with ease & full self-expression?

What you really want is to...

Dream BIGGER & have the unshakeable confidence that you can get there.


Reach your fullest potential both in your business & in life.

Develop deep self-love & to have your own back no matter what.


Fully express yourself & live a life you are obsessed & fully aligned with.

Share your gifts, services, & message with embodiment, fun & confidence.


Show up & be seen as the most authentic self in your life, business & online with ease & confidence.


Let go of perfectionism...

Raise your prices, charge your value & bring in more clients.

Achieve your goals with ease & success & FELL GOOD as you do.

You desire MORE energy, more ease, more abundance & LESS stress, hustle, & survival-mode & to TRULY go to that NEXT LEVEL.

The AmazingYOU
1:1 Coaching Program

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A coaching program consisting of 12 X 90 Minute 1:1 sessions designed to help you go from self-doubting to self-loving & THRIVING with confidence, empowerment & success in your business & life.

BONUS: You will also receive 9 Coaching modules, 15 X Future Self & High Vibe Visualizations & an Amazing You Workbook all homed in an APP that you can download right to your phone.


  • Future-self embodiment

  • Goal creation, action plans + accountability

  • Clarity on next steps, making dreams a  concrete reality + gaining progress + momentum 

  • Levelling-up, self-confidence, self-love + self-belief

  • Visibility, showing up + embodying your magnetic self

  • Self-mastery + processing emotions + overcoming self-doubt

  • Rewriting your story

  • Limiting beliefs, emotions + habits

  • Abundance vs scarcity thinking & money mindset

  • Law of attraction + inspired action + surrendering

  • Goal activation + time management

  • Self-care, people-pleasing, energetic boundaries high-vibe + self-respect


Below is the incredible combination of resources & tools within the AmazingYOU Program for your ultimate transformation.


The Amazing You

12 X Powerful 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

9 X Transformative Coaching Modules

The AmazingYOU  Workbook of journal prompts, assignments & Tasks
15 X Transformative Visualisations


Transformative Visualizations

These visualizations are powerful, future-self & high vibe state meditations that work deeply with your subconscious and re-program your mind to help you gain clarity & manifest your dreams.
This is a fun + exciting workbook offering you journal prompts, mindset challenges, assignments and AmazingYOU tasks to help you further develop your self-love. You can work through it at your own pace or as we move through each weekly concept.

Amazing You Workbook

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12X Powerful Coaching Calls

These are 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching calls where we will use the powerful techniques of Life & Success Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, T.I.M.E & Emotional Freedom Techniques to transform your self-confidence, release your limiting beliefs, up-level your mindset and remove any blocks that are keeping you stuck. In addition, there is voxer support in between our calls to deepen your transformation.
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9 X Level Up Modules

There are nine transformational coaching modules to complement the coaching calls. You will have these for life so that you will have the tools to tap into your writing potential long after we work together.
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The big-hearted & big dreamer, the visionary, the ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneur.  This is for the entrepreneur who struggles with perfectionism, self-doubt & fully embodying her highest confidence. She may at times be shy or find herself people-pleasing. She is a high-achiever, a giver and sometimes an over-thinker. She may get caught in self-doubt & is often a cheerleader for everyone else but doesn't treat herself the same way. She may at times think thoughts like,"Well, of course, she can have that or that will work for her but not for me..."

The new, seasoned or ready-to-be female entrepreneur who's on the cusp of stepping into her next-level identity & life, she just needs to get out of her own way. She desires to live a life of self-expression, show up fully as her most authentic & highest self & live a life she is obsessed with.

She's had some success & progress but knows her mindset & confidence are holding her back from levelling up & taking her business to the next level. She is ready for a transformation, accelerated growth, a true and exciting embodiment of her highest self!

She knows she doesn't need another strategy, more hustle, more programs, she needs to work on her mindset & inner beliefs & confidence.


Program Cost
$ 3, 333
Note: Prices are in US dollars.  
Program Value


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"I loved working with Sarah. She made me feel comfortable straight away. Our session was so powerful, I came in feeling overwhelmed and left feeling clearer and more decisive. Sarah really helped to guide me through an NLP exercise and was so patient with me when I initially struggled to imagine how it would feel not to be overwhelmed! Since the session I have found myself making decisions more quickly and managing my time better, which has improved my mood and allowed me to spend more time with my family. Thankyou Sarah <3" 



I am enough.