Hi, I'm Sarah

I became a Certified Life Coach through the Center for Applied Neuroscience in Toronto and Certified NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life and Success Coach through the Yes Supply Coaching School. I'm also a published poet and passionate author of a fictional novel which I hope to share with you all soon.

I am passionate about the transformation that occurs when one intentionally cultivates their happiness, best self and truly loves oneself.

My personal development journey began when I suffered from self-doubt and the feeling of being overwhelmed as a writer- despite the joy that writing brought. I believed there had to be more to life and knew that I needed a mindset makeover, positivity bootcamp and a self-care overhaul! From there, I began to study myself, my habits, how I felt. Over time, (and with a lot of work!) I have felt better and better and realized that I can not only feel good but I can feel amazing! 

The surprise bonus of feeling so good, and nurturing a deep sense of self-worth and self-love, was that I became more productive, the quality and focus of my work improved, my income grew, my happiness sky rocketed and I manifested an incredible relationship that stemmed from a true knowing and grounding in myself. I became my own biggest cheerleader!

There was only one thing missing. I still hadn’t kicked my people-pleasing habits and ended up tiring myself out trying to do it all. I was writing a novel, working a full-time job, taking amazing care of myself, nurturing a new relationship and taking care of about 50 other people too many.

I suddenly fell very ill, from a neurological illness that threw me into the hospital. Here, I really had to put my mindset skills to the test. This was a true exercise in positive thinking, but it was also a new lesson in respecting myself, honouring my energy, and creating boundaries. 

As my personal journey continued, I noticed a trend among so many women I met. All too often the kind, supportive women I knew would rally behind others, but when it came to themselves they were nowhere to be seen. When it came to themselves they were work horses - hard on themselves, self-doubting and full of dreams that they weren’t giving themselves permission to pursue.

This is my story. Finding my own feel amazing recipe, learning the hard way to nurture my own needs and identifying a self-abandoning pattern among women, has birthed a passion for me. A passion to help women transform their lives and relationship to self. Supporting others to feel amazing, stop people-pleasing and transform in all areas of their life.

People often make the mistake of thinking they will just wake up feeling incredible, successful, in love, happy and confident. While it’s possible to create this, it takes intention, active practice, and a deep understanding of oneself to really manifest feeling anything less than amazing.

Most of all, it means having the courage to go after what you truly want in life! "If the answer was yes, what would you ask for?"- Reese Evans

Let's make your dreams a reality.

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